Trackball láser de 50mm

  • 50 mm laser trackball - vandalproof
  • IP65 / IP68 sealed
  • Removable top for easy cleaning of bal compartment 
  • 9 versions in blank or blackended stainless steel 
  • Stainless steel carrier and switches
  • Front panel mounting (holes or studs) or enclosed version
  • Combo PS/2 & USB output 


These trackballs are also available with IEC 60945 marine certification - click here for the detailed product page.


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Panel mount with studs

Blank topplateBlack topplate
IP65 pushbutton switches TSX50F2 TSX50F2-BT1
IP68 short travel switches TSX50F8 TSX50F8-BT1


Panel mount with holes

Blank topplateBlack topplate
IP65 pushbutton switches TSX50N2 TSX50N2-BT1
IP68 short travel switches TSX50N8 TSX50N8-BT1



Blank topplate
IP68 short travel switches TSX50S8



  • panel mount : 100 x 116 x 40 mm
  • enclosed : 200 x 120 x 63 mm

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